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Media Emailer is a software product that provides a carefree method for
sharing images and documents in email.

Safe and Portable!

With Media Emailer, when it comes time to share photos, say goodbye to time consuming operations and email messages that get rejected.

Media Emailer prepares your images and then sends your them to any web server or NAS, Media Emailer then displays them in an email message for you to add text and share with recipients.

Because the images are not embedded with the message or sent as attachments, your email gets to your recipient in a flash and displays without effort, rejections, or additional software.

You provide safe and reliable messages that can include a host of additional features like transactions, links, company branding, social media links, document downloads and much more.

Media Emailer automatically adjusts your pictures or documents to any preference you select. An "Email Size" selection determines picture dimensions placed into email with your message and a "Max" selection provides your recipients with a maximize preview that opens in their browser. Maximize previews can be any size and even define a region of interest on an image. With today's mega pixel images, hotspots can provide a large and extensive previews of regions of interest because they are extracted from your original image.

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Documentation is important, how you share it is even more important. Images, Invoices, Powerpoint, Word, Fax and much more... combine and share instantly in email without failure, attachments or preview requirements.


Media Emailer Pro is sold as a subscription, You purchase a plan for yourself or share a plan with your entire staff by purchasing additional email licenses ands then adding their email addresses to your Media Emailer account. You can download and install Media Emailer on as many PC's as you like, at home or in the office at no additional charge.

Place your team on the same page. If you have several locations, one subscription provides your team the ability to share content between them. You create any number of email marketing instances, publish them and they that can be broadcast by team members or any other PC anywhere in the world. Collaboration provides your files in your subscription members History folder for their selection and email broadcasting.

The key to success is communication.
Media Emailer is a document imaging solution as well as image sharing software. This means that Invoices, Estimates, Word Documents and Digital Images can be placed into the same email message where they will not lose their reference to each other.

Batch Save
Media Emailer provides the ability to batch save a palette of images you are working with into folders, files, email or on the web. For example, load documents into the Media Emailer from your scanner or fax, load images from your camera even tiff files, after editing and arranging select a share or save-as option and your files are automatically prepared to your predetermined preferences and uploaded (for the web or email) or batch saved to a file for retrieval later.

Media Emailer batch process image selections according to preferences selected in the toolbar, individually preparing and optimizing each selection based on its characteristics. This ensures that each image is optimized for speed, color and clarity.
Menu options, for example Save as Webpage, Files, Pending Mail or "Uncompressed" will batch process your selections and then save into a local folder. Email menu options batch process, load content to your webspace and then place a copy into a new email message. On the web, an Index copy (duplicate of the email) is available for directing recipients who do not use html email. The URL of the web instance can be used as any website address, published in print or linked from other pages.

Want to see how simple this is, watch the Movie.

automated process

Share multipage tiffs- several pages or just a paragraph. Share raw tif's for production work, animated gif files, bitmaps and jpegs, capture and share screen shots, create hotspots on images and much more.

  Picturefax, this allows you to share any number of documents in brilliant color through email without a fax machine. Not only do you retain records of each transfer your recipients can share them without delay or failure using simple email.

Printing images from has never been this great, especially when printing full sheets. Media Emailer dimensions your images to an array of sizes, you simply add them to each page where you want them printed.



Share photos, scans and fax in email without attachments!

Photo below: Picture Viewer


Media Emailer is Outlook Compatible !

Media Emailer creates email messages that can provide e-marketing, coupons, transaction capable buttons, automated receipts, maximize previews, hotspots, links and much more, and it works with most email applications including Outlook! Recipients do not require additional software.

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Media Emailer History Files provide an easy method to locate, track, manage and even email files that have been prepared on your webspace, using Collaboration provides the ability to locate and send instances from participants or members of your group, their files display in your History.


Screen Shots



  • share photo's without attachments or restrictions
  • create online instances with passwords for photo protection
  • no load on e-mail servers
  • no overloading e-mail boxes
  • no failures when sending uncompressed large images
  • share multipage tif and gif files
  • share large graphic files as tif or jpeg
  • instant sending and forwarding speeds
  • share comments with your photos
  • provide photo maximize previews
  • save as and e-mail webpages
  • print and share photo's with rich color and formatted text
  • provide photos to online photo printing services
  • fax into email in color
  • works with most digital camera's, scanners and web cams
  • supports jpeg, tif, bmp, gif
  • bulk size and compress images to local files or to webpage
  • load images into the viewer using Windows XP auto load feature
  • export email instances to MS Outlook and Express
  • includes advanced image/html editing
  • photo copyright
  • create desktop and online photo previews
  • create hotspots on tif and jpeg images, providing maximized content previews or other images
  • advanced image compression and sizing wizard
  • upload images to any web address with unique online address names
  • include tables and links in email messages
  • use windows XP Autoload feature to capture photos from cards
  • paste online photo instances into Ebay and other online services

. Capture from:

  • Fax Machine
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • From your Computer Screen
    • Entire Screen
    • Area
    • Object

Display Preferences,

  • select from an array of image sizes for images placed into the email message or maximize previews
  • select image shadows to make your photos pop form the page
  • create headers and footers that provide company branding, then select from the list pertaining to your mission
  • protect from prying eyes with password protection or self expirations for coupons
  • email background and page-layout display


  • Create interactive regions on images with a variety of translucent backgrounds and borders that
    • link to webpages
    • link to images
    • maximize the region in a browser window
    • provide online payment transactions
  • Draw and Paint
    • lines
    • freehand
    • rectangles
    • text
    • regions
    • highlight
    • brush

Drag and drop objects onto images:

  • numbered arrows
  • coupon dashes and cutout scissors
  • transaction capable buttons and images
  • invoice payment buttons
  • buttons with transparency
  • Past Due buttons

Create Transactional Email and Online Stores



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